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Internal Line-Up Clamps (ILUC) for pipeline welding

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 11/08/2013

Purple Engineering is supplying a wide range of internal line-up clamps in Australia.
11 different models ranging between 6" to 60" Internal Line-Up Clamps are available.

HPC - Internal Line Up Pipe Clamps for pipeline welding

Coalescing and Gas Filtration Strainers

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 05/08/2013

Full range of our coalescing and gas filtration strainers and their specs are available for your review.
For any inquiries please feel free to contact Purple Engineering


Pipeline Valves, Oil and Gas Valves in Australia by RMA

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 08/07/2013

We have a full range of pipeline valves and their specifications available for you.
RMA Oil & Gas valves are available with Australian after sales service and parts.
Valves for transport lines, compressor station valves, measuring and regulating
station valves, emergency shut-down unit valves (ESD), drain or vent pipe valves.

DWT Portabe Beveling

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 14/05/2013

Below is the DWT portable pipe beveling at work

DWT Pipeline Equipment in Australia

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 10/05/2013

Great news for the Australian pipeline industry.
Purple Engineering is now the Australian distributor of DWT pipe beveling, pipe welding and pipe cutting equipment.
We are hoping to deliver these high quality German made pipeline equipment to Australian Oil&Gas industry.
For more information please visit the link below:

Shawndra's air & gas filters are in Australia now!

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 25/04/2013

This is a great news for us at Purple Engineering and we are very excited to announce that we are now the Australian Distributor of Shawndra's Products Inc.
Their famous R100/R101 filters increased the efficiency of pipeline filters by 25 times for the last 10 years!

RMA Pipeline Equipment in Australia

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 17/04/2013

This is with great pleasure for us to announce that Purple Engineering is now the Australian agent for distribution of RMA Pipeline Equipment in Australia.
This is in fact a great news for Australian Oil & Gas industry as RMA products are at top of the range in quality, precision & innovation.

Please visit RMA's website at:

Talk to us

Submitted by Purple Engineering on 24/11/2012

We love to know what you think and what you need.
We are looking forward for our first meeting with you to find a way to help you in your journey.

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Submitted by Purple Engineering on 20/11/2012
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