RMA Pipeline Products

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RMA Pipeline Products

Purple Engineering is the Australian distributor / Agent for RMA Pipeline Equipment.

RMA is a systems provider whose main focus is on the development and production of fittings, house connection technologies, measuring and control technologies as well as special parts according to customer wishes for gas, oil, water, and district heating.

RMA products unite years-long experiences and perceptions in one secure and innovative technology. Many RMA products and procedures have already been patented. These patents distinguish themselves with excellent functionality, quality, and longevity. This guarantees use according to optimal technical and economic considerations.

Products Catalogues:

Ball Valves

ball valve Ball Valve - HKSF

ball valve Ball Valve - HKSF W100

ball valve Ball Valve - HKSF Split Body

Gate Valves

gate valve Rotary Gate Valve DSR

gate valve Wedge Gate Valve KSR

gate valve Conduit Gate Valve ASR

gate valve Conduit Gate Valve ASR-W

Pig Traps & Insulating Joints

pig trap Pig Traps

Insulating Joint Insulating Joint IK

Measuring & Control Technology

ultrasonic gas meter, ultrasonic gasmeter
Ultrasonic gas meter
Ultrasonic gas meter - Spec

gas pressure regulator Gas Pressure Regulator


hot tapping tee, split t joint Hot Tapping + Plugging Tees


quick closure Quick Closures


Please feel free to contact Purple Engineering on (+61) 1300 62 4020. We are looking forward to hear from you.