Portable Flare Stack Trailers

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Purple Engineering specializes in high quality
trailer mounted flares for production field, pipeline,
landfill and maintenance activities.

These flares are suitable for highway travel and
can be easily towed by a ½ Ton vehicle. Flare
setup takes less than 30 minutes. The flare
trailer is fully self contained including propane
tanks for pilot operation.

The advantages our trailer flares bring to your
business including:
• We guarantee that the flare tips will prevent
flame instability.
• The capacity, pressure drop and emissions
will not exceed guaranteed values.
• The flare tip will meet EPA regulations for tip
velocity and pilot monitoring.
• The flare pilot is fully automatic, electric spark
design with battery backup and a solar panel
charging system. No auxiliary power is required.

Purple Engineering is providing a wide range of Portable Flare Stack trailers for hire to different Oil & Gas projects Australia wide.
Flare Stacks are coming in different sizes such as:
Flare Stack 6" x 25'
Flare Stack 6" x 30'
Flare Stack 6" x 40'
Flare Stack 6" x 60'

Please contact us regarding the availability of each unit.


Please feel free to contact Purple Engineering on (+61) 1300 62 4020. We are looking forward to hear from you.