DWT Pipe Beveling, Cutting & Welding Equipment

Purple Engineering is the Australian distributor of DWT pipe beveling, pipe cutting and pipe welding equipment.

DWT Germany is specialized in products for weld preparation in pipe and pipeline welding applications. Pipe edge preparation is the first and important step in the pipe welding process. Especially for heavy wall pipes the pipe egde of the pipe end must be in a perfect shape to achieve the best welding result. For all working steps like pipe cutting, pipe beveling, pipe alignment and pipe handling we offer a unique equipment.

Products Catalogues:

A- Pipe Beveling Equipment:

A-1- Pipe Beveling Machine OD
MF 2-25 Pipe bevelling machine OD
MF 3-25 Pipe bevelling machine OD
MF 4 Pipe bevelling machine OD
Boiler tube panel cutting and bevelling with crown milling cutters

A-2- Pipe Facing Machine OD
MF 3-R Pipe facing machine
MF 4-R Pipe facing machine

A-3- Pipe Beveling Machine ID
MF 3iw Pipe beveling machine ID
MF 3i Pipe beveling machine ID
MF 5i-II Pipe beveling machine ID
MF 6i-50 Pipe beveling machine ID

A-4- Pipe Beveler ID
MF 3iw Pipe beveler ID
MF 3i Pipe beveler ID
MF 5i-II Pipe beveler ID
MF 6i-50 Pipe beveler ID

A-5- Tube Beveler Stationary
Stationary Tube beveler

Self-centering prism clamp
Powerful electric motors
Copying system for MFS-tube beveler
Roller benches type RBT for MFS tube beveler
MFS-16 / MFS-30 CNC-controlled

A-6- Boiler Tube Beveler OD
Boiler Tube Beveler

B- Pipe & Pipeline Cutting

B-1- Portable clamshell cold pipe cutting
Portable clamshell for pipe cold cutting in pipeline welding applications

B-2- Waterwall boiler panel cutting
Boiler panel sawing system for waterwall panels of boilers in on-site steam boiler maintenance applications

C- Pipeline Welding Equipment

C-1- Pipeline Welding
HPC - Internal Line Up Pipe Clamps for pipeline welding

C-2- Pipe Chain Clamps Alignment
Pipe chain clamps for welding alignment

C-3- Pipe Stands
Pipe stands for pipe welding
Stainless Steel Balls
Steel rollers
Polyethylene rollers
Hold-E for pipe stands

C-4- Pipe Clamps for Welding
Pipe clamps for welding alignment

C-5- Pipe End Grinding Machine
Pipe end grinding machine for cleaning pipe- and plate ends

D- Heat Exchanger repair
Heat exchanger Repair

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