Wortelboer Anchors & Chaincables

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Purple Engineering is the Australian distributor of Wortelboer anchors & chaincables.
Netherlands based company Wortelboer is at the top of the range of mooring products from the quality point of view.
Wortelboer have quit a large costumer base in Australia and around the globe. We are hoping to expand our market share base on our proven quality.

About Wortelboer:
Wortelboer company is specialized in the supply of anchors and chaincables, in all sizes and diameters. New buildings as well as stock deliveries are absolutely no problem. At our yard in Rotterdam, which covers roughly 18000 m2, we have all weights of D'Hone, AC-14, Hall, Spek, Pool®, Danforth and of course the special and original Flipper Delta® anchors! Also, a very large stock of chaincables is kept, in diameters ranging from 14mm – 122mm U3, which are ready for immediate dispatch!

What can we offer you?
Perfect quality and our guarantee
Quick delivery from stock
Anchors and chaincables with all class certificates
Hot dip galvanized and stainless steel yacht anchors & chaincables
Furthermore, we supply the famous Flipper Delta® anchors, which are widely used in the offshore market for lay and crane barges, multi-purpose offshore support vessels, drilling rigs, survey vessels and dredgers.

Products Catalogues:

A - Anchors

A-1 Flipper Delta® anchor
Major advantages of this anchor:

- Proven superior high holding power capacity
- Excellent efficiency (weight / holding power)
- Open construction for smooth and good penetration in different kinds of soil
- No rotation, which means no decrease of holding capacity and no dragging of the anchor
- Easy dismantling for transport purposes

A-2 D'Hone Special Anchor

A-3 Pool® TW Anchor

A-4 AC-14 Anchor

A-5 Danforth Anchor

A-6 Hall Anchor

A-7 Spek Anchor

B - Chain Cables

B-1 Studlink chaincable

B-2 Kenter joining shackle

B-3 ’D’ type anchor shackle

B-4 Pear shackle ’Baldt’ - type

B-5 GJW Super Swivel

B-6 Shortlink Chaincable

B-7 Chaincable Swivel


Please feel free to contact Purple Engineering on (+61) 1300 62 4020. We are looking forward to hear from you.